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Noticias Academia

Debido a que los investigadores están en mayor contacto con la parte científica de la biotecnología, en esta sección se incluirán algunos enlaces a artículos sobre propiedad intelectual, análisis de patentes e innovación en el campo de la biotecnología.

Jun-Dic 2006

The CREATE Act: increasing costs associated with the biotech industry?
Nature Biotechnology
24, 785 - 786 (2006)
Ann E Mills, Donna T Chen, John J Gillon Jr & Patti M Tereskerz
A new law intended to promote collaborative research may end up costing the biotech industry more and inhibiting innovation. Academics and governmental agencies express concern that the explosive growth in biotech patenting might hamper successful innovation, technology transfer and commercialization of biotechnological advances for society's use. The prospect of a 'patent thicket' or 'anti-commons' is especially serious when access to important tools and building blocks of research and development may be blocked or made more costly as a result of extensive patenting—especially in the genetics, genomics and proteomics arenas. In the United States, various reform proposals aimed at improving access and lowering costs within the biotech industry have been suggested, including recent recommendations made by the National Research Council's Committee on Intellectual Property Rights in Genomic and Protein Research and Innovation after a comprehensive review of such issues in genomics and proteomics. Nevertheless, we recommend caution on the part of policymakers as the Cooperative Research and Technology Enhancement Act of 2004 (the CREATE Act), which became effective September 15, 2005, has not been considered in recommendations made to date, and so may render recommended reforms deficient or unsuitable...
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